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The River Lot, Nouvelle Aquitaine

Fishing on the Lot River in France


Caday Rouge is on the banks of the River Lot which runs behind the cottage and is a must for any keen fisherman.

The magnificent Lot River is a fisherman’s paradise.  It is a total distance of 481 kilometres (299 miles) and gives its name to the departments of Lot and Lot-et-Garonne.  It is a large river with several beds and a maximum depth of 10 metres (33 feet) and average width of 80 metres and flows through some of the most scenic locations. The Lot is also renowned for it's carp, which are born and bred in the river.


Is a perfect way to spend time either with the whole family, some like-minded friends or just a quiet break for two. Discover the fishing experiences on the banks of the famous River Lot where there are miles upon miles of interesting and uncrowded banks and the quality of fish is second to none.  Learn for yourself why this is becoming the place to visit.

Aaron with Carp 34kb


The great thing about the rivers is their unpredictability. Though there may be a few 'known' giants in the rivers for the most part you are targeting whatever comes along. You never know if your next fish will be a double, a twenty or a thirty or even bigger.  Almost all French rivers hold carp and some pretty impressive ones at that.  ​

​The quality of the fish as well as the beautiful spots are only some of the reasons France's growing success as a fishing destination over the last few years has soared.  By choosing a holiday here you can match your passion for angling with your passion for good food, fine wine and great scenery.  It is a chance to indulge yourself with the perfect angling break near a traditional French village and also not far from a beautiful and picturesque town. 


From the big Lot to the small streams, not to forget the several lakes, the Lot-et-Garonne's rich water system is ideal for fishing lovers.  The lakes, rivers and their banks are relaxing areas as much as fishing areas.

Rod in hand, waders up to the thighs, come and be spoilt for choice here.  Saint Vite offers some magnificent shaded spots that is sure to delight everyone. 


Fishing permits are required for a nominal fee and are readily available from local fishing shops or online (in English).

For visitors on weekly stays, the 'Carte Hebdomadaire' is the best option.


The local Angling Federation publishes a booklet each year about the rivers and the rules for the catch. Permits are called 'Carte de Pêche' and come in a number of forms including: 'Carte Journalière', for one day’s fishing in 2nd Category waters and 'Carte Vacances', for 15 days consecutive day’s fishing from June 1st to September.

The website is a very informative site with many details including fishing regulations 

and types of fishing licences.

With approximately 80% mirror carp presenting a significant diversity of scale patterns and average size of 10 kg (max 30 kg) and 20% common carp of an average weight of 10 kg ( max ?) and with carp night fishing along the whole river, all of the year round. Spots to fish from are numerous and varied.  
It is also the river par excellence for carnivorous fish such as Black Bass, Zander, Catfish, Pike and Perch. Catfish (Wels) of over 50kgs are not uncommon in the Lot.
Other coarse fish include Roach, Bleak and Gudgeon.


There are three "no kill" stretches on the Lot, the Célé and the Bave, intended for the conservation of the fish population. 

Aaron with another carp

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