Caday Rouge Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Touring Holidays in Europe

Caday Rouge Motorcycle Tours offers fly/ride, drive/ride or just ride motorcycle touring holidays in France and Spain, with quality accommodation, fully escorted tours with experienced escort and the security of a support vehicle during away tours. We offer the option of hiring our own motorcycles or just bringing your own.  

We also offer biker friendly accommodation with optional tours.  Bespoke tours are available upon request.

Fly, drive or ride - the choice is yours

We welcome people from all around the world who desire spectacular motorcycle touring holidays.  We give you the experience of riding amazing roads, enjoying the beautiful and picturesque scenery and attractions and allowing you to revel in the stress-free style of riding and life in France and Spain.  Our tours are tailored to a maximum of 8 bikes. ​​​

Fly Ride

All you have to do is arrive and check-in at Caday Rouge at the start of your tour. We can offer pick-ups and transfers

from various airports and train stations around the area.  

Drive Ride

Grab your car, some friends or family and drive to Caday Rouge.  Hire a bike and enjoy your holiday.


Ride to Caday Rouge on your own motorcycle for your touring holiday with us.  You will be members of our holiday group enjoying the tours, quality accommodation, socialising and relaxing. 

Come and join us for one of our Motorcycle Tours in France, The Pyrenees and Europe

CRMT @ Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

8 Days Motorcycle Holiday in South West France

CRMT Motorcycle Tours at Saumur Tank Museum

11 Days Motorcycle Holiday through France

CRMT at Viaduc de Millau

12 Days Motorcycle Holiday in the

South of  France

CRMT Motorcycle Tours in the Cevennes of France

11 Days Motorcycle Holiday through France

CRMT Motorcycle Tours in France

11 Days Motorcycle Holiday through France, Andorra & Spain

All you have to do is arrive and check-in at Caday Rouge at the start of your tour. We can offer pick-ups and transfers from various airports and train stations . 

Flexible and Fun Motorcycle Tours

Our touring holidays come with flexibility and above all they are private and personal.  We limit the size of the group to a comfortable number in each tour.  Each daily local escorted tour starts and finishes at Caday Rouge.  


Our away excursions are accompanied by up to two tour escorts and also a support vehicle for your luggage and a spare motorcycle if required.

Motorcycle Tours in France

We offer a motorcycling holiday with quality accommodation in beautiful surroundings, with fabulous cuisine and the opportunity to socialise with other motorcyclists who could be friends you just haven’t met yet!  


We take the burden off motorcycle travel from afar and bring you to the beautiful, amazing motorcycling roads of Europe and to our hidden piece of paradise, Caday Rouge.

Motorcycle Hire at Caday Rouge

Hiring a motorcycle from CRMT will save you the cost of fares, petrol, toll roads, servicing and general wear and tear on your own motorcycle but also and more importantly, your precious holiday time.  You will arrive here refreshed and relaxed waiting to start your touring holiday.

There is so much to see during our tours.  You can ride at a smooth pace, taking in the superb sights and attractions. You will also have the opportunity to relax at Caday Rouge and allow us to transport you for evenings of traditional entertainment.  We take the burden of travelling off you.  CRMT offers you a fantastic touring holiday at a very competitive price.

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