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Caday Rouge Herb Garden

Things to do and see at Caday Rouge

  • RELAX and take it easy by the pool (open between May and September).


  • GOLF - A number of good standard courses are within 30 km and there is also a 9-hole golf course only 10 km away in a most enchanting setting.

  • MOUNTAIN-BIKING - On mountain-bike tracks.


  • HORSE RIDING/TREKKING - A popular riding stables is close by.


  • WINE TASTING - A popular wine growing area, we have local and nearby Buzet, Duras, Bergerac, Cahors, Bordeaux, St Emilion, and many others open for tours and tastings.


  • WALKING - We are surrounded by canal and river walkways for your enjoyment.


  • PAINTING - A must for any landscape artist with fields full of sunflowers or poppies, châteaux and castles and beautiful big skies all around:  wherever you look there is a scene ready for painting.

  • CANOEING/KAYAKING - This is very popular on the River Lot.  Also relaxing are boat trips for a slower pace but an experience not to be missed.

Zanimoland for children
Caday Rouge at the  Aquarium
Caday Rouge at Le Stelsia

Château Des Milandes  From the Château with it's fascinating history of Josephine Baker, the stunning french gardens and park, to the breath-taking birds of prey show and feeding of the exotic birds, a fabulous day out. 

The Gouffre de Padirac  The first underground world site in France, seeped in history and generally involving the devil.  It is an incredible cave system containing an underground river and gorge and an incredibly huge cavern.  Underground lakes and pools and stalactite formations all add to its appeal.

Foret des Singes  The unique Monkey Forest near Rocamadour.  Walk among 150 Barbary Macaques, also called Magots, living in freedom on 20 ha of forest and meadows.  Appreciate the direct contact with the monkeys and observe this amazing species in an exceptional setting.

La Grotte de Lastournelle  These limestone caves have developed over 25 million years, building up a host of stalactites, stalagmites and limestone tapestries of an incomparable richness.  The Lastournelle Cave was discovered in 1878 when a well was drilled. 

Château de Duras  Discover the rich history of the Dukes of Duras and uninterrupted conquest of the castle over the centuries.  The medieval castle to pleasure residence XVIII th century, the meeting of architectural splendour through a maze of thirty visitable parts.

Nautilius BKS   Come and enjoy sailing on the Lot river, on a canoe, motorboat or hydroplane. Up to 8 people in an electric motor boat, no licence required.  Pedalos up to 4 seats.

Château de Bonaguil  The last great fortified castle to be constructed in France, now one of the most impressive and evocative castle ruins in France or anywhere.  One of the unexpected features that make it interesting are the markings that has been uncovered at the castle, covered over since the middle ages,

La Roque St. Christophe  Is the biggest cave site in Europe.  These natural cavities were occupied by man in prehistoric times and then modified to become a safe city from the Middle Ages to the early Renaissance.

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